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December 20 – January 19

Illuminate your space with the determined energy of the Capricorn Candle, adorned with the empowering Black Onyx stone. As a Capricorn, you possess unwavering ambition, resilience, and a steadfast dedication to reaching your goals. Let this candle be a symbol of your inner strength and an invitation to embrace your tenacious spirit.

Black Onyx, the stone of protection and grounding, accompanies this candle, resonating harmoniously with your ambitious essence. With its stabilizing energy, Black Onyx provides strength, absorbs negativity, and promotes self-mastery. Allow its empowering presence to support you in overcoming obstacles and manifesting your dreams.

Light this candle with intention, inviting the determined energy of Capricorn to infuse your space. As the flame dances, feel your inner fire ignite, propelling you forward on your path to success. Bask in the warm glow of the flame as it reflects the resilience of your spirit, reminding you of your unwavering commitment to your aspirations.

May this Capricorn Candle, adorned with the empowering Black Onyx stone, serve as a reminder of your inner strength and your ability to reach new heights. Let its flame guide you as you ascend the mountains of success, overcoming challenges and embracing your true potential. Embrace the resilience of your spirit, for you are a beacon of ambition and achievement!

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Orchid Noir, Peony Oudh, Sakura, Sweet fig, Tobacco + Oak, Dark honey + tobacco, Vanilla


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