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February 19–March 20

Ignite the tranquil energy of Pisces with this captivating candle adorned with the soothing Amazonite stone. As a Pisces, you possess a deep connection to your emotions, intuition, and the mystical realms. Let this candle be a gentle reminder to embrace the serenity of the ocean’s depths and honor the wisdom that flows within you.

Amazonite, the stone of harmony and balance, accompanies this candle, resonating harmoniously with your sensitive and intuitive essence. With its calming energy, Amazonite helps you find inner peace, release emotional baggage, and connect with the depths of your soul. Allow its tranquil presence to support you on your journey of self-discovery and spiritual connection.

Light this candle with intention, inviting the ethereal energy of Pisces to infuse your space. As the flame dances, feel the gentle waves of serenity wash over you, carrying you to a place of inner stillness and heightened intuition. Embrace the soft glow of the flame as it illuminates the path to self-compassion and spiritual growth.

May this Pisces Candle, adorned with the soothing Amazonite stone, serve as a reminder of your deep connection to the spiritual realms and your innate capacity for healing. Let its flame guide you as you embrace the serenity of your inner ocean and navigate the currents of your dreams and emotions. Embrace the magic of your soul, for you are a vessel of divine grace.


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Orchid Noir, Peony Oudh, Sakura, Sweet fig, Tobacco + Oak, Dark honey + tobacco, Vanilla

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