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October 23 – November 21

Ignite the profound energy of Scorpio with this captivating candle adorned with the transformative Snowflake Obsidian stone. As a Scorpio, you possess an intense and passionate nature, and this candle serves as a conduit to delve into the depths of your power and embrace your journey of personal transformation.

Snowflake Obsidian, the stone of purity and balance, accompanies this candle, resonating harmoniously with your transformative essence. With its calming energy, Snowflake Obsidian helps you release old patterns, purify your spirit, and embrace the beauty of change. Allow its grounding presence to support you as you navigate the realms of your inner world.

Light this candle with intention, inviting the potent energy of Scorpio to permeate your space. As the flame dances, feel the intensity and depth of your emotions rise, guiding you towards self-discovery and profound transformation. Embrace the darkness as a catalyst for growth and embrace the power of your own rebirth.

May this Scorpio Candle, adorned with the mesmerizing Snowflake Obsidian stone, serve as a reminder of your capacity for transformation. Let its flame guide you as you fearlessly explore the depths of your being, shedding old layers and stepping into the fullness of your power. Embrace the alchemy of your soul, for you are destined to rise anew.


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Orchid Noir, Peony Oudh, Sakura, Sweet fig, Tobacco + Oak, Dark honey + tobacco, Vanilla


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