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Capricorn Original price was: €32.95.Current price is: €29.95.


Original price was: €32.95.Current price is: €29.95.

July 23 – August 22

Ignite the majestic energy of Leo with this enchanting candle adorned with the empowering Sunstone. As a Leo, you possess a vibrant and radiant spirit, and this candle serves as a beacon of light to honor and celebrate the magnificence of your inner fire.

Sunstone, the crystal of vitality and abundance, accompanies this candle, resonating harmoniously with your charismatic essence. With its warm and energizing energy, Sunstone enhances your confidence, creativity, and self-expression, allowing you to shine brightly and embrace the spotlight. Let its gentle glow inspire you to embrace your true power and illuminate the world around you.

Light this candle with intention, inviting the fiery energy of Leo to fill your space. As the flame dances, feel your spirit ignite with passion and joy, embracing your innate leadership qualities and unwavering self-assurance. Bask in the warm embrace of the flame as it reflects the brilliance of your soul, igniting the hearts of those around you.

May this Leo Candle, adorned with the empowering Sunstone, serve as a reminder of your inner radiance and strength. Let its flame guide you as you confidently step into the spotlight, embracing your unique gifts and shining your light upon the world. Embrace the power of your authentic self and let your brilliance illuminate the world.


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Orchid Noir, Peony Oudh, Sakura, Sweet fig, Tobacco + Oak, Dark honey + tobacco, Vanilla

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