This candle collection is not typical from what we are all used to see. They look so delicious you almost want to take a bite!

Our Whipped wax candles are a unique and visually appealing that feature a light and fluffy texture. These candles are made by whipping hot wax until it cools and forms a frosty texture, which is then piped into a candle. The whipped texture of these candles not only adds visual interest, but also creates a longer burn time and a stronger scent throw. The airy texture of the wax allows for more fragrance oil to be added, resulting in a more potent scent experience.

Each candle is is hand whipped and decorated with fruit embeds. Because of the quality and care for this collection, we only make these in small batches. Our attention to detail results in what we feel is a truly unique premium product.

This collection has a fun and unique twist on traditional candles. The playful texture and range of scents make them a great addition to any candle collection or a thoughtful gift for candle lovers!